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Collector or Enthusiast? Is a watch collection and a collection of watches the same thing?

Its not uncommon for people to self-describe as 'Im an enthusiast rather than a collector' which in turn leads to discussion about collector vs enthus...

Do you have a dedicated workstation for your watches? I may need help, lol.

I will say if you frequent this WatchCrunch app you are close, or beyond my state of infatuation with watches. I see many of ya'lls watch boxes, but I...

Kinda full

Some of my daily choices ... no wonder it takes so long to choose lol! Think I have enough on this desk?!?

Get an Orient?

I was thinking about that watch a lot. I saw Teddy talk about it a lot, so i really want to get one. What so you think about the Bambino, Crunchers?

New Stuff for Watch Lovers

Been working on getting some new products and new designs out for my fellow watch enthusiasts. So far I’ve been able to push out a couple wall clocks....

Steel baby!

It's been a while since this box has had this much steel. I change my straps and bracelets so much it's crazy lol, there was a time I didn't even keep...

How Do You Prefer Hour, Minute & Second Hands Positioning on Dial?

Understanding this is relative to the individual, and design of the watch. This more less serves a particular personal criticism I struggle with, based solely on a 12 hour dial type. How do you prefer...
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What makes an enthusiast?

Two posts in one day, never done this. But I have a story to share! Its not a very long one, it's just one of those days where patience and good manne...
One of my first watches! I got this guy before I knew anything about watches. It as seen better days but the #timex keeps on ticking!

Bikes and Watches

I’ve seen several car posts in various watch groups. Many people I know in the car community are also drawn to watches. I’m now getting into bikes and...