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Does anyone keep a list of their dream watch collection or am I the crazy one :)?

Watches: Hamilton intra-matic champagne dial (to buy) Junghans max bill (owned) RGM 801 Coe (to buy) Ming honey (to buy if I actually find it ) Brew r...
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Anyone else here have weird watch dreams?

I had a dream last night that my Tissot Gentleman (I don't own a tissot) had to be repaired and they opened it up in store to try to fix it. When they...
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Creating Your Perfect Timepiece

As collectors, we're constantly on the hunt for that elusive perfect timepiece. While I understand that it's an impossible task, it's the journey of e...
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Do you long for a watch that does not exist?

Yesterday Frederico from 鈥楩rederico talks watches鈥 accidentally described a 2016 Sinn 556 Limited Edition with rhodium dial has having tegimented stee...
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Whats your dream watch?

Hello everyone, I would like to know which is your favorite watch or your dream watch. Mine is the 90s Cartier Tank Must Vermeil, your turn.
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Thought I would turn to you lovely people in search for my 'grail' watch

Evening all! Long story short, I am yet, to this date, find my 'Grail' Watch. I love the flieger style watches, in particular the Laco/orient pilots w...
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JLC Reverso Hybris Artistica 馃槏

Loving what jaeger Le Coultre are doing at the minute. Take a look at this. Is this not a thing of beauty? ignoring the obvious 'slap to reality' (Pri...
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