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Victorian World-Time Clock

Not a watch, I know, but I thought a fair few fellow Watch Crunchers might be as interested as I was by this. I visited the National Museum of Welsh L...

Show me your clocks πŸ•°

We will never not know what time it is in our house. Aside from my modest 10 watch collection and my youngest daughters now 3 watches we have a variet...

Big Ben has stopped!

Big Ben has stopped! And Ricky Sunak British PM says it's not worth spending the money to fix it!

Can you spot which 2 clocks are the EXACT same?

Yes or No? 🧐

Junghans quartz wall clock w/ timer

Found this from flea market for 4€. I think it’s missing the dial cover, but I love the retro vibes it gives. EDIT: added more photos from the backsid...

Working on a clock tower from 1874 with my Tudor Pelagos 42 blue

Just getting into work and it’s still dark outside but no worries with my trusty Pelagos the lume is amazing and makes it always easy to read. A bit o...

Clocks Highlights of Istanbul

Love seeing the clocks when traveling, especially the pistol clock. Gotta make sure to know the time while plinking some targets. I also saw my first...

Should have worn my Mondaine πŸ‡¨πŸ‡­

Canary Wharf, London


A clock with a story It was December 16th 1914 08:03 and the German navy started the navy bombardment of Hartlepool killing the first British Service...

The Longitudie Problem/Prize

For the horology buffs, y'all have probably already seen these, but for those looking for some great documentary-style content on James Harrison, The...