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Watch Case Quality

Probably an unpopular opinion. But why do high end watch brands give such bad quality travel cases. But to be fair, I haven’t had any issues with watc...

Watch Storage: A Small Cabinet Solution

As our collections grow, we're always looking for the most efficient, effective and economical ways to safely store our watches, while keeping them ac...

Can ‘Women’s Watches’ Have Case-Size Diameters Sized Like ‘Men’s’?

I’ve read recently some women are tired of ‘tiny’ watches and want watches with larger case-size diameters…38mm-42mm (or larger). Curious how the community sees this, especially those who identify wit...
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Watch case query

Hey everyone. New watch guy here. I had a question in regards to watches and how you store them. I have seen cases like these before and was curious i...

Watch box displays

I need a new box/display ideas for about 16 watches… be nice to have a few empty spaces. Show me what your rockin!

It's All in the Details

The difference between run-of-the-mill watches and fine timepieces is often found in the details; design, materials, components, quality of execution, etc. While many watches may look similar at a gla...
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Case Shapes - Tortue and others...

I'm on the lookout for some more unusual case shapes - be good to hear personal favourites from others here, modern or vintage. Particularly intereste...

Should weird case shapes make a comeback?

Nowadays, watch cases tend to be round, square/rectangular, or maybe tonneau-shaped. While today certainly has its fair share of weird shapes, I still think the 70s reign supreme in this regard. Shoul...
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Let's see your 'loud and proud' THICKEST watches with dimensions. How thick can it get?! Shown is my 18.3mm thick Breitling Avenger Automatic 45 Seawo...

Does this look stupid?

I've been looking at watch size guides lately and I find it troubling. Going by those, I should be wearing a 52/54mm watch. The problem is I don't lik...