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The many colours of watches

Inspired by @ars3nal02 's recent post about textured dials , I want to see all the most interesting colours on the crunch. I want to see greens and re...
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Boldr Venture Titanium Diver Review

Here's a link to the Venture collection (non-affiliate):
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Boldr Venture Titanium Diver

Here's a link to the watch and my review.
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First automatic true gmt

This just came in today my Boldr Odyssey Freediver gmt. At 44mm in diameter this watch is a little larger than what I generally buy but at 12.5mm thic...
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What would you pick and why? Glycine VAER Boldr

So many great inexpensive field style watches. Curious what you guys/gals would pick and why. I already have a Swiss Watch Co. Bunker and Momentum Atlas Smokejumper, just looking at a few other attrac...
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What are your thoughts on Titanium watches?

This Boldr field medic is my first titanium watch and ever since i got it i became obsessed with this material. I find it amusing the weight that it b...
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Boldr Safari GMT Serengeti Review

Well, this post was a little inevitable... After my last attempt to write a review I decided to give it a shot writing another, and with so much time...

BOLDR Supply Co SFR-GT-SER-40-20

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Boldr Pokemon Really interesting watches here, especially for Nintendo kids like myself, and at an affordable price,...
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BOLDR Vogelkop

New review! I go hands-on with the ultra-black BOLDR Safari Vogelkop Superb.
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Something fun arrived today

My latest addition, the Boldr Voyage Antarctica
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