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Couples who Tudor together, stay together

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Getting My Money's Worth out of this Yellow Desk Mat

Tudor Black Bay 58
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The Better Fit to Current Collection vs. Forever Piece

I'm looking for advice and your thoughts. I've been into watches simply as a fashion accessory for most of my life, but horology and everything around...
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Tudor Black Bay 58

Introducing my 7th watch of my collection. Seen here at the incredible ancient ruins of Ayutthaya, Thailand. I bought this watch almost a year ago. Wh...
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Poll: How Many Wristwatches Do You Have/1WC

I鈥檓 curious. Whether or not you鈥檙e in the current 1 Watch Challenge I want to know how many watches you have, and how hard the 1 Watch Challenge has/w...
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Who else loves Tudor?馃槏

My first Tudor watch! Looking to add more to the Tudor collection soon馃榿
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**** you Tudor

Why do you have to ruin my life? Oh sure, things started off innocently enough. You were so attentive, asking me what I might like. To which I replied...
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Is your BB58 a tool watch?

Do many of yall wear your BB58 for pretty much everything. For me I see it as a watch that is made to be worn almost all occasions. I don't worry to m...
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Is my logic flawed?

I want a Seiko Spb143, pretty bad. I have been stalking the forums, watching youtube reviews, and checking out #spb143 on insta. I think they are grea...
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Just a quick snap of my 58.

I have had this thing almost a year and while it doesn't get wrist time like it used to, its still probably my favorite watch. Whats the favorite in y...
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