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Hand dyed, rally punched, sanded and polished veg tan. Sorry for always posting this Smiths but it’s a strap monster 👹 If I had to say what colour it...

If you were to consider a bespoke watch, which would you choose and why?

Thinking about a bespoke watch at some pt. A lot of these do have wait times (both due to handmade production and also just waiting your turn). But what company would you go with? I know some of you h...
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My 6 years old daughter gifted me this piece. Very lightweight and incredibly slim. What is more it shows absolutely correct time twice a day!
Today I am wearing a bespoke piece unique built by an up and coming young watchmaker in Virginia. I asked him to build me an automatic watch that was...

Bespoke Watch Projects "Radial Edition"

A vibrant variant of the Modèle Nu edition with a unique dial in Lapis Blue & engraved Zinc—crafted & assembled in my Oakland studio.
The Intaglio 38 Edition with a "New Roman" dial in Zinc & Metallic Saffron—incorporated into a Rose Gold case with a brushed stainless bezel.
This is one of the weirdest watches I own, but it’s also the first watch I ever bought myself back in 2012. It’s made by Projects, which is still arou...
Finished off the weekend project. Some 3 year old leather I dug up and went full stitch on. I’m quite pleased with it.
The perfect timepiece for Summer: a vibrant "369" dial in Metallic Sage (and engraved Zinc), incorporated into my Intaglio 38 case.
Some variants of our "Dragonscale" dial incorporate a multi-step finishing process (and perhaps a bit of black magic): ⁠ ⁠ An organic perlage finish i...