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Barton Silicone Straps

Trying out some Barton Elite Silicone watch bands from my Black Friday haul. The quick release springbars are really convenient. Initial thoughts are...

Blue on blue

The old brown strap is falling apart, so it was time for something new. Decided to see if a blue watch strap works with a blue watch face. I was afrai...

Are friction fitted bezels really that bad?

Having nothing better to do this morning, I'm playing with the 20D red dice and trying to decide if it fits the bezel and the red underside of this bi...

Seiko Samurai

I just switched out the OEM strap for a black silicone strap from Barton watch bands. The stainless steel bracelet that the watch comes with is not go...

Watch straps on sale

Just been on Amazon and some good bargains on Barton straps. I am not a Barton ambassador or anything, can be hit or miss in my experience, but some O...

New strap alert

I posted earlier this week about a Barton sale on Amazon and low and behold I bought 5 for about the price of one ! I am not usually savvy with deals,...

A great daily

Boldr Supply Co. Expedition I on a Barton fabric strap. Love this watch, it has the right amount of subtle and functional. Great field watch with awes...

Gloomy day…

Gloomy day with the Seagull 1963 (38mm Double Sapphire) on a Barton leather NATO strap.

“Mother of All Straps”

This strap isn’t anything PARTICULARLY fancy. A fairly standard Barton leather strap I got off of Amazon for like $25, but it’s been on almost every w...

Original bracelet or rubber strap?

The heading of the posts says it all. I got myself these Barton straps, but my wife didn't like them at all. Perhaps the fact that the watch was a gift from her father, my father in law, bias her opin...
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