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La Joux-Perret G101 Inaccuracy

Have an odd question would love help on. Received my Farer Resolute (love it) and it was running with a surprisingly sharp accuracy. Over the last few...

Just trying out this app

Anyone else tried this I'm sure it's no substitute for a proper time grapher but seems to pretty much reflect my on wrist results which with this watc...

Almost as accurate as a Grand Seiko at 1/16 the price!

Hey…don’t get me wrong — the Seiko 9F quartz movement is so voluptuous, it invokes a primal response from its beauty. And, at +/- 10 seconds/year its...

How often do you check to see how fast/slow your watch is running?

I use when setting time or checking accuracy. Feel free to comment on other ways you check, if it annoys you more/less/not at all when it's running slow or fast, etc.
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Does anyone's METAS Omega run slow?

This is something that has kinda bugged me since i bought this watch in 2021. I posted the results of my METAS certification from the Omega website ab...

How accurate do you keep your watch?

How much time do you allow your primary/most worn watch to drift before setting the time again? Too bad I can only have 4 choices. If you have a specific time you set your watch, be sure to leave a co...
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This G Shock arrived today - making it two Casios in my mini collection - the other being the 5610. I now get my fix for accurate timing 4x a day via...

NH35 Accuracy - Surprised!! 😎

EDIT: I'm now almost 4 days in, and devastated that upon close examination I've lost time.... She's now ticking a full 2 or 3 seconds behind. Oh the h...

Got my first Timegrapher thanks to

I got this fun toy yesterday thanks to @benno1024 🙏🏻 Played about with some of my watches last night and this morning. Bangers: Rolex Explorer, Tudo...

How do you set your watch to the second?

During the weekends I often tell myself to take it easy. There’s no meeting or anything. But I still set my watch accurate to the second. Even when I don’t, it would nag me to no end and I always end...
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