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Max ·

What's more important? Accuracy vs. Power Reserve

Got into this discussion recently because my watches are always out of power when I make the round back to them. Would you rather have a movement with: 1. COSC level accuracy (improved from +/-15sec)...
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Old_School ·

What is your time reference?

As a metrologist I’m obsessed with accuracy. I set/adjust everything I own that is adjustable. (My tools, torque wrenches, thermometers, tire gauges, obviously clocks and watches.) I’m not sure if my...
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piloot ·

what accuracy is acceptable?

to what degree time accuracy of your watch is important for you? or you happy with the accuracy of your watch and it doesn't matter too much?
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Old_School ·

What is your time reference? Poll Results

Okay WatchCrunchers, it’s been about three weeks since I posted the poll and the responses have pretty much dwindled. The official results are shown i...
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Demios ·

Zenith Defy Lab 15Hz?

What ever happened to this single piece 15Hz mechanical oscillator? Monocrystalline silicon is extremely brittle, so I suppose I know the answer, but...
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Does my beat error really high?

Got this beautiful SNXS79 about a few months ago. Very pleasant to wear, and love the feel that it "works from me". Its accuracy varies between -3 to...
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f10pst3r ·

Chasing accuracy 😂

So I got this Orient Pilot watch a few months back and it’s been consistently around +7s per day. I know this isn’t much but I wanted to do better. To...
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f10pst3r ·

General Question/curiosity...

So yesterday, I tweaked my watch to be within 0.1s per day, and it held that accuracy until this morning. I popped my watch on this morning, tested it...
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wazz_za ·

Movement accuracy

So my latest acquisition has finally arrived after serious delays and I'm somewhat annoyed. It cost around $1800 but is less accurate than even $400 p...
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piloot ·

how accurate miyota watch can be?

can miyota 8315 watch be tuned to be more accurate? now it's consistently gaining 14 s/d. this is with in spec range, but still... what do you think?...
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