New Life for My Seiko "Ghost" Alpinist

I recently gave my Seiko "Ghost" Alpinist (SPB119J1) a new lease on life by swapping its original black leather strap and beads of rice bracelet for a distressed leather strap. The original straps were too dressy for my taste, making the watch feel out of place as a field watch.


The distressed leather strap transformed the Alpinist into the perfect "refined casual" watch. It now exudes a rugged charm that complements its field watch heritage. It also has the effect of making the off-white sunburst dial look "warmer." This simple change has rekindled my love for the watch, earning it a permanent spot in my collection.


If your watch feels off, try a strap change鈥攊t might be the spark you need!


Never a truer word said.

Wow the strap change has indeed renewed its look! Great strap selection! Congrats on your new watch 馃榿