For the modders - how hard is it to fix a misaligned chapter ring?

Question for the Mod community! I have my eye on this SKX013, but the chapter ring is way off (even for Seiko standards...).

How hard is this to fix? How would you fix it, or is there a good chance I'd mess up the dial?

Any insight would be appreciated!


There are probably YouTube tutorials for this very thing. If I remember it's a little tricky because there is a tab that holds the chapter ring in place that you have to (safely) clip off. But the short answer is you have to be comfortable opening up a watch / detaching the crown + stem, and accepting that you might mess up the watch 馃檪

I think the SKXs became popular for modding partially because (at least then) they were relatively inexpensive to replace if you ruined them. Not as much the case anymore, but doing is probably the best way to learn!

I opened mine up once. As mentioned it was a cheaper watch back then, but I don鈥檛 recall it being too hard. I would say watch some vids, make sure you have to tools, and take your time.

A common SKX problem is the chapter ring becoming loose. If that's the case, shake the watch until the chapter ring is in the correct position. Then try pressing the crystal down using a cheap Chinese crystal press. Otherwise, you'll have to open the watch up.

Note. A watchsmith wouldn't charge you much to glue it back in place. My watchsmith fixed a wobbly SKX chapter ring for nothing a few months ago.

It's unlikely you will mess up the dial. But it requires taking the movement out, popping the crystal out, gluing the chapter ring back in place so it doesn't move and pressing the crystal back on top. Buying a crystal press will cost you more than asking your local watch maker to do it so I wouldn't bother.

Since this is a SKX013, the chapter ring must be seated on the dial first (there is a small protruding tab at 12). Then the case should be lowered on to it. It's quite tricky but you will eventually get it. I didn't have any movement holders so that made it hard.

On another hand, SKX007 has the chapter ring that installs between the case and the crystal, so it's much easier.

It's super easy, I have done it many times. Pop the crystal align the chapter ring to the bezel marker and gently repress the crystal.