Junghans Chronoscope PWD Coating yes/no?

Hello watch community!

I鈥檓 new in the game and really glad your posts are tempting me to add some nice watches to my yet small collection.

I really love the style and simplicity of the Junghans Max Bill Chronoscope and so I am thinking about adding it as my dresser/office watch.

The contrast of the PWD version and the white dial is something I very like. But on the other side I hate the look of used/scratched coatings. Do you have experience with this one? Is it durable? Or better go for the classic metal one?

I鈥檓 looking forward to your thoughts! 馃榿

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Aside from scratches/wear, the black PVD will limit it as far as different clothes/occasions.

The steel is timeless and is always a good choice.

Anything but stainless or chrome may slightly help alleviate the problem of these dials looking like they belong on a blood pressure cuff.

I had to make the same choice, I also really like the black version, but the steel is more suitable for any occasion and goes with everything