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santiago ·

Show me your lume dials

Not the best focused photo, but it does show off the full lume dial. Do you all have watches with a lume dial? Show em off!
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santiago ·

I did a thing 😬

I’ve been eyeing a vintage Rolex for a while but have been hesitant to pull the trigger. I've come across a few examples that I like but were still $4...
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santiago ·

Addition to the collection

Not watches, but these great figurines made by @Omeganut 's daughter. Here they are next to today's WOTD. They are going to look great in the house.
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Recent Comments

santiago commented on Happy 4th of July ·

Cool. Happy Independence Day!

santiago commented on Sinn goodies ·

That's pretty cool. Shows true customer service and as @watchesandespresso stated, is a brand that focuses on its buyers, unlike some others. I'm looking at you Rolex. -_-

santiago commented on I think I'm in love... with an ugly watch - trading in my Omega Aqua Terra & Planet Ocean Titanium for the hideous GS SBGC249 ·

And you could've kept your Omegas.

santiago commented on I think I'm in love... with an ugly watch - trading in my Omega Aqua Terra & Planet Ocean Titanium for the hideous GS SBGC249 ·

But it does help your chances. 

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santiago commented on I love this place! ·

Kudos to you sir. I can't have that kind of commitment to cycling. 

santiago commented on Are Expandable Bands a Fashion Crime? ·

The only crime committed is the unsolicited depilatory.

santiago commented on I love this place! ·

This is the way


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santiago ·

Fun Watch Friday - rebel scum edition

Happy Friday crunchers. We're rolling into the weekend with this great little piece from Nixon. It the brand's Time Teller Deluxe x Star Wars in its B...
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santiago ·

Mighty Morphin Power Hammy

I bought this before I asked to buy the Seamaster Polaris (which the hunt for is still on, by the way) and I couldn't be happier. The dial on this Ham...
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santiago ·

My next Omega was approved

So, last night I discussed my birthday present with my financial advisor and told her I wanted an Omega Seamaster Polaris. Much to my surprise, she sa...
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santiago ·

Fun Watch Friday

Happy Friday crunchers! Today's fun watch is another Nixon x Star Wars Time Teller. This iteration features Kylo Ren. Skipping out on indices, the dia...
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santiago ·

Stupid, sexy Seiko

Teddy and Kevin O’Leary take a look at some Seikos. I think they hit the nail on the head when they agree that Seiko is looked at with reverence by co...
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santiago ·

Watch memes? Watch memes.

Post your best.
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santiago ·

Watches and livestock

It’s damn near 7:30 in the evening and Loki is finally in his home pen. It has been a long day.
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