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6.00” / 15.24 cm Wrist
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Took my Helm out to experience Finnish winter

Prelude With the time of the year, the temperatures have been relatively cool and there has been plenty of snow. Yesterday was a beautiful -9°C day wi...

Helm Miyako arrived early! 🌊

After a year and 2 months on the waiting list, I was finally able to purchase the Helm Miyako, which I mostly forgot about until getting an email stat...

I finally bought one of these

So a week or two ago, I finally got the email for a Helm Miyako and ended up ordering one. While waiting for that, I figured I might as well pick up a...

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commented on Took my Helm out to experience Finnish winter ·

Have lived in the UK and it was always funny when everything got shut down at a tiny bit of snow, meanwhile here we can have 20 cm (in the north it gets way higher also) and everything is as normal.

commented on Took my Helm out to experience Finnish winter ·

Eh, it's a pretty typical winter day. The cold points of winter that will come eventually are between -20 and -30.

commented on a post ·

It is possible that there isn't water damage as it being compromised doesn't necessarily mean that damage is absolutely guaranteed (who knows, maybe the issue is with the inside of the crown itself such that it seals with the gasket).

I would still recommend trying to return it even if there is damage. The watch is rated for some water resistance and even though water damage might not be covered in itself, the fact that it's a result of a manufacturing defect and the manufacturing defect itself might make it viable for warranty anyway.

commented on a post ·

I wouldn't bet on it. The gasket on the crown likely isn't making proper contact if the crown stem is too long for example.

It is definitely defective and you should return it under warranty if possible.

commented on a post ·

Does the Orient not have warranty?

If it does, you should be able to return it under that regardless of the normal return window.

commented on Chrome ceramic bezel insert... Y or N? ·

I don't like bezels that aren't coloured similarly to the dial (especially those that are like the case as is the case here).

However, I don't see anything wrong with the chrome. It looks kinda cool when ignoring the colour. That said, I find the dial to look too classy for the modern styling of the bezel, so it feels a bit weird to me on this watch. Though to be fair, I don't like Orients in general due to this, but they are quite popular regardless of my opinion.

commented on Matching Watch/Strap Color With The Clothes You Are Wearing ·

I wear very plain clothing, mostly black, although I have some blue, red and white shirts as well. However, that is usually covered by a black or grey hoodie, so ultimately I just pretty much wear black.

Most of my watches are also black, but I also have some colourful ones (aqua Escapement Time, blue timex, gold Certina and a green Q&Q) and my white Nomos. Also my blue Helm will supposedly arrive today.

Due to how I dress, there isn't much matching to be done.

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