My Big Freaking Kinetic

The BFK, I’ve never been so smitten by a watch except for my first automatic watch, the Vostok Amphibia. It’s funny cause I’ve owned plenty of quartz watches but none have ever caught my attention like the BFK. I remember finding it on eBay for $180 last year during my 5 month impulsive watch-buying spree but somehow this one had eluded capture until this month.

Recently I’ve needed a tool watch that was simple and could go with any strap, bracelet, or bind and only one watch had come to mind, the Seiko Turtle SRPE03, it looked like it could take a beating, had a decent history, and fit me well, but the price was not to my liking. In stores I felt like it was too expensive and on eBay, it was difficult to find a decent one at the right price, then I looked in my liked products cause I had found a turtle with a custom-painted dial that was tacky


But it looked like a turtle n acted like one too but then I saw something familiar for the exact same price… the BFK that evaded my grasp months ago was still there waiting for its rightful owner🫃🏾. Funds were transferred, the watch was shipped and now I was just waiting so I did some research, learned about kinetic technology which I found cool and made me feel a little better about going back to a quartz watch. It arrived and within minutes I removed the tiny bracelet that was devoid of extra links and equipped my “Deep Sea ‘Zulu-Style’ Italian Leather Watch Strap”


Now I plan on using this watch until I die, it will follow me into the grave and onto the afterlife.