Too Big...?

Bambino v4, at 42 mm. I have a 7 in wrist, and I've always loved this watch. The color is really striking in person. Lately, I've been wondering if it's too big, so I'm interested in others' thoughts.


Looks like a keeper 馃憤

I think you鈥檙e good鈥hey always look bigger on wrist shots and the lugs don鈥檛 appear to be hanging over

You're good!

Seems to be a good fit. Its a beautiful watch and needs to be seen. 馃榾

All that really matters is how you feel wearing it. But I think it looks great! Gorgeous watch.

A large diameter all-dial dress watch is a fairly modern aesthetic. Personally I don鈥檛 like it, and it reminds me of the style of cheap fashion watches (which, by definition, look fashionable).

I prefer a more traditional (or vintage, if you prefer) look, where a dress watch is smaller, covers less of the wrist, and is more discrete and subtle.

Neither is wrong, or better than the other; just personal taste.