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Vintage Omega Constellation

Any experts have an idea what year this vintage Connie might be from?
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fsglasser commented on Case size 34mm too small for a man?

Yeah, I hear you. You're not wrong. If it were me, I'd go for the 41mm version, but that's just my preference. I'm probably brainwashed by the 90s too. For me, if a watch is available in a size I would prefer (40-42 mm), I'd go for that. I'd only consider a smaller size, if it were something that didn't come in the size I like... OR if I were looking for it to be something to hand down to one of my daughters. In the end, if you are always going to be hung up on the size of the 34 mm, I'd take a pass... it'll probably bug you.

fsglasser commented on Case size 34mm too small for a man?

Nah, wear what you like. Until the 90's most watches were way smaller anyway... 34-36ish. I'm pretty sure 37mm was "jumbo" at one point. I usually go larger (40-42 mm), b/c it's what I like. But, that wouldn't stop me from wearing a cool vintage watch. Sometimes a smaller, more subtle watch can look pretty elegant... Cartier Tank, JLC Reverso, etc. (just coincidence that I picked two rectangular watches!)

fsglasser commented on My strap for my Hamilton Khaki Bronze

Nice! That looks really good!

fsglasser commented on Friday Lume Battle!


Dresskx lume shot

fsglasser commented on Has anyone in public ever complimented your watch?

Super rarely... once on my blue Orient Bambino.

fsglasser commented on Longines Zulu vs GS GMT, which of these two has a better finish?

Dude, GS probably has better finish like others said, but I'd go with the Longines.

fsglasser commented on Vintage Omega Constellation

Got it! Good call, that does make sense. It should probably only sit in that thinner area!


Leather vs. Bracelet!

Alright guys, what's the verdict? Brown leather or bracelet?
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