A R P Watch (Circa 1950's)

Does anyone know anything about a watch manufacturer named ARP? The face of my watch says simply... ARP and 25 rubies. The designation 585 appear on the back of the case and on the clasp. (14k gold).

It weighs 59 grams with the movement. The case measures 34mm as best I can tell. The band comes in at 7 3/4 inches including the clasp.

I don't think its ever been worn.

There are minor scratch marks on the interior of the clasp in every other way it is pristine. I've had it inspected by two jewellers who both commented that it seems almost new... even after 60 plus years. Neither knew anything about the brand.

A picture is worth a thousand words.

It is/was a German brand associated with the jeweler Rauschmayer in Pforzheim.