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When a watch just does not connect.

I’m saddened to say this Citizen PMD will be leaving my collection. I have tried to fall in love with it, but it just isn’t happening. More and more i...

Timex Marlin Moonphase

I did not have a ‘proper’ dress watch yet. I did not have a Moonphase watch. I did not have a Timex. I had a limited budget for this impulse buy. Pres...

Like vs love

I really really like this watch. It feels well made. The dial is beautiful. Eco-drive is very interesting and robust. It’s a ‘real’ dive watch. I like...

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commented on How to pronounce it? ·

Not a native German speaker, but lived right next to the border most of my life and speak it to a decent degree.

Languages are hard to describe, especially in text, and endlessly interesting to me.

Now I’ve said Glasshütte too many times, it doesn’t even seem real anymore..

commented on Zelos Aurora 15 of 200 ·

Zelos is great, enjoy it!

commented on WatchieDutchie's WRUW ·

Why do we buy any new watch… addiction perhaps😂?

It will definitely always stay with me, it was my first automatic.

commented on WatchieDutchie's WRUW ·

I’m kind of feeling this way now. Only one I can think of right now is the alpinist maybe?

commented on Errrr, another Casio ·

Probably the best phase to be in for your wallet lol

commented on RADO Jubile value? ·

It is worth what you are willing to sell it for, and someone is willing to buy it for.

Put it up for what you think it is worth and go from there.

commented on Exchange year watch ·

I second this

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Reach for the stars - aventurine dials

Alright gang, I want to see some stars! Show me your best aventurine dial watch! Bonus points for out of left field and budget options!

Budget Square Up

Here we are again Crunchers. I conjure your collective wisdom and knowledge to put together a reference point to the humble four corner for any who se...

What is the ultimate ‘budget’ GADA watch?

Hey crunchers! I’m sure this question has been posed before, and will be again many a time. I’m just curious to the answer, and honestly too lazy to d...

Vintage (style) chronograph

Hi again WatchCrunch. Took a little break from the Crunch and watches in general. Was feeling a bit overwhelmed by choice and possibility. I decided t...

Newest addition- Birth year watch

Found this little Seiko 5 from 1997 on eBay and could not resist. My first birth year watch! It doesn’t run the best, might need to get it serviced, b...

Farer Lomoon vs. Seiko Alpinist

I am still on the hunt for my field watch for my 3-4 core collection. These are the current front runner: Farer Lomoon: I love the design language and inspiration behind it. I love the thought of addi...
109 votes ·