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WatchieDutchie ·

First review - Zelos Mako V3 300m ‘Hammered Orange’

This is my first review. I do not claim to be an expert on anything watch related, nor to have any amazing insights. I’m just someone who bought a wat...
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Seiko Alpinist SARB017 alternative

I really love the Seiko Alpinist SARB017. I’d love to add one to my collection, but the price is just a tad high for me. Does anyone know of any alter...
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My next watch (recommendations)

After going through the all so familiar ‘buying every cheap watch in sight’ a lot of new collectors go through (I showed some restraint but still) I a...
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WatchieDutchie commented on New (Smaller) promaster ·

I am all for this, unless it means they stop making bigger watches! But I do enjoy smaller watches so I’ll be looking at this one!

WatchieDutchie commented on Seiko Kinetic ·

Beautiful watch! Great job on the repair! May it serve you well and for many more years!

WatchieDutchie commented on New or old ·

I would say get what you really want and love, even if it means waiting a bit longer to save up more. Seems the Panerai is what you really want.

WatchieDutchie commented on Hamilton Boulton Mechanical ·

What a beauty!

WatchieDutchie commented on Victory with Comcast! ·

Nothing like getting a win over our corporate overlords! Congrats! Nice watch also

WatchieDutchie commented on How should I travel with watches without a watch box? ·

Bubble wrap is your friend

WatchieDutchie commented on Headed to London ·

No first hand experience but I have heard it’s pretty bad. I personally would not wear any ‘nice’ watch in public there. I would even consider commiting heresy and go watch less just to be safe. Then again I am a bit paranoid about stuff like that😂

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Finding an old watch

Found this old watch of mine. From a company called Phanthom Project (no longer in business). Got it probably 6/7 years ago before I even knew anythin...
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WatchieDutchie ·

Can’t decide on a dive watch

Hi fellow watch lovers! I’m looking to add a dive watch to my collection. Their look and feel really appeal to me, even though I am not a diver. Now I...
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WatchieDutchie ·

Buying on Amazon

Hey fellow watchnerds, So I saw a watch on Amazon that I have been eying up for a while, and it was on for a good price. It is sold through WatchNatio...
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WatchieDutchie ·

Show me what you got

Hi fellow watch lovers. I am looking for my next watch. My max budget is 500 bucks. I would prefer it is automatic. I have been wanting a vintage (or...
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