How do you know when to sell a watch?

I know, the title of this post seems dumb. I just wanted to get your opinion/ thoughts on the topic of selling a watch as I have never done it before. I switched watches mid day today cause I haven’t worn my Samurai in a long time. Through wearing the watch I can feel that it’s lost it’s magic and my level of enjoyment wearing this watch has gone down significantly. I realized that I keep it because it’s a reminder of my first mechanical watch I purchased with my own money, the first watch with my name on the warranty card / papers all that special sentimental stuff we watch nerds love. Should I sell it considering all the sentimentality attached to this watch? What do you guys think & what would you guys do?


If it's only taking space in the watch box & getting no wrist time it's gotta go!

Its not a strong sentimental piece (inherited from a lost family member) & relatively inexpensive easy to replace watch if you decide at a later date you regret selling it.

Flog it & upgrade 👍🏻

Good luck mate


I’m going to sell one of my watches in the collection. I pretty much knew it was time to go based on the following

  • Didn’t wear it for a couple months

  • Put it on recently, and It didn’t do anything for me. Wasn’t excited or happy to put on. It was just meh


I would hold onto it for 2 reasons. First, I doubt you will get much for it. Maybe not even enough to cover half the price of a new equivalent level watch. If it was worth a few thousand dollars, it would be a different story. Second, you may change your mind on how you feel about it. I have a couple older watches that I rarely wore, but recently I’ve put them back on and enjoyed wearing them. You could always keep it for a beater too.


Thank you for the insight everyone!


I tend to overthink the whole thing way too much and it takes me weeks before putting any watch up for sale.

But the minute it's gone, I wonder why I have waited so long to flip it 😀

My rule : the moment you consider maybe selling a watch, the love affair is over and it needs to go. Keeping it and coming up with insincere reasons for wearing it will do no good and only postpone an inevitable outcome