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Vario 1918 issues.

I wore this watch almost nonstop for a good year. It’s been mountain biking, motorcycling and swimming. It always performed flawlessly, until one day...

Happy Wednesday everybody. And PSA…

DON’T FORGET TO CHANGE YOUR TYRE AIR. As sunroof weather begins, it’s imperative to remember to exchange your winter air for summer air. 😂 I hope eve...

Latest eBay gamble paid off.

I saw this watch, a zenith deck chronometer on eBay and couldn’t resist purchasing it. Buying anything on eBay is always a slight gamble, however this...

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commented on CrunchTrek is Coming ·

I'll be too busy to participate and I don't want to mess up a team. But I'll be watching from the Starfleet Outpost lol

commented on Excelsior Park Darkroom Stopwatch ⏱️ ·

That's so cool. I have to track one down now...

commented on I see no lies ✋ ·

I've repaired quite a few watches at this point, so I'm quite familiar with procedures. One of the movement retaining clamp screws had backed out and fouled the rotor. Luckily nothing was damaged.

commented on I see no lies ✋ ·


commented on How Long Will Super Luminova Last? ·

I have a 20 year old Seiko diver that still glows amazingly well. I am unsure as to whether Seiko uses superluminova, I’m sure somebody will enlighten me. However it is modern no-rad lume and has endured quite well thus far.

commented on What’s next? ·

How about the globe master? It’s reminiscent of the beautiful pie pan dial constellations from the 1950s

commented on Watch for outdoor activities (f.e cycling) ·

I generally wear a vario 1918 or a diver. The only watch I personally wouldn’t wear cycling is my chronograph.

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Critical damage to sapphire crystals

Hello WatchCrunch, I’ve been active on this platform for a while now, however this is my first proper post. Last night, somewhere in between brushing...