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6.75” / 17.15 cm Wrist
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Check your sizing, people!

Behold my new to me, original 1980's 1st gen Timex Ironman in near perfect condition. Technically, it's an Iron(Wo)man as it's sold as a ladies watch....

Which watch would Bond be issued with today?

Today is apparently James Bond day (first I've ever heard about it) apparently it's due to the fact that Dr No was released on the 5th of October. Now...

Has anyone here ever used a compass bezel?

Most people will have seen the new Hamilton Khaki Expedition with the compass bezel. Looking at the publicity for it, it appears to be marketed as an...

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ToolWatchTom commented on A sad day ·

From a bit of reading the 454 movement is a family of movements, the 451 movement is the same mechanically just the amount of jewels is different, I believe that particular part of yours that's broken is part 1175, searching online you can find 451 movements in various states of disassembly for not much money so it might be worth starting there.

ToolWatchTom commented on ToolWatchTom's WRUW ·

She was, stood there sighing as I took a few pics to the get the lighting on the dial right, she's used to it!

ToolWatchTom commented on ToolWatchTom's WRUW ·

Timex had a long running relationship with Dewalt, they produced both the original 80's/early 90's Ironman in a Dewalt variant as well as an Atlantis and this later 90's/00's variant, it is a tool watch after all!

ToolWatchTom commented on Show me your Seiko 5s! ·

My SRPD76K1, crown isn't screw down which irks me a little and it's quite ostentatious but otherwise great watch, good timekeeping and good lume.

ToolWatchTom commented on Check your sizing, people! ·

Pretty sure, they were sold pretty much directly to competitors doing the Ironman which needless to say isn't for kids, I don't know why kids would need a split second timer and chronograph function

ToolWatchTom commented on What the internet says vs. what I actually think. ·

It is a nice watch, titanium too, although sadly, discontinued...

ToolWatchTom commented on I've halved it... SOTC ·

Impeccable collection sir!

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I've recently taken the plunge and bought a CWC Royal Navy Diver Quartz. It's a watch that's been on my radar and on my shortlist for a couple of year...

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I've recently got back from a short holiday with the wife's family, a trip down to the New Forest. When packing my bags I decided (for fun) to ask her...

CWC Conundrum

I've had my eye on CWC for quite a while now and I'd like to buy one, however I can't decide whether to go traditional RN diver or SBS. I have gone for the no date/day options as I already have loads...
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Crazy Casio's Continued...

A while ago I did a post on my findings of various Casio's for sale on Ebay and the wild complications that they did in 80's and 90's, back in the day...

Sitting on Shelves

It's a long one.... My local AD stocks a variety of brands from premium, to mid priced, to fashion brands. I passed by the other weekend and although...

Seriously, f**k folded links

A rant, from me. Decided to jump on the Casio 'Royale' hype train, my first jangly cheap folded 'steel' Casio bracelet, everything I've had from them...