10 EUR later... Life changed

Black friday deal for this simple tool. Honesly always hesitated swapping bracelets for straps preempting a headache... Worry gone, works like a charm!


I bought one and no matter how I try....I can't use the bloody thing!!! Far too complicated for me 馃ぃ

Cant fit it inside the bracelet? Fought with that until realising I could use it over the bracet, over the open clasp... But I understand the struggle :)

I bought them two years ago and i hate them 馃槀. The little forks are too small/tight to grab springbars i always slip, especially with Seiko fat springbars.

I just use a high qualitiy little screwdriver, that works best for me.

My issue in the past was with some watches, took me longer than ideal to retract the second lug side with the first not coming back to base. The San Martin as pictures was one of these. This tool made it easy, second try in using it worked!

Don't think it replaced the screwdriver for all watches, but really helps in some!