Chronograph epiphany!

I don't know why it took so long, but I've had a breakthrough. And everyone needs to know.

The chronograph seconds hand can be used as a timing bezel-esque marker for countdown purposes!

Say you need a 17min timer, and it is 2:15 pm. Activate the chronograph and stop the seconds hand at the 32min mark. Bam!

Also, credit to another WC member for this one, but you can use it as a manual date marker as well, just let it count to the day of the month in seconds, and stop it. Bam!, 24hrs-accurate date marker!

That's it, likely less of an epiphany for most on here, and more of me catching up, but I wanted to share as it finally clicked.


And with each subsequent day of the month, just click it on for one second and you're caught up to the new day. Reset to zero on the 1st and let run one second and back in business.

Me, I like to occasionally start the chronograph when the main second hand is at zero and just watch them both go around and around in perfect synchronicity.