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Tungsten Grand Seiko

Check out my latest YouTube video… Unboxing and Review of the SBGT009 the only Tungsten Grand Seiko. https://youtu.be/DNhxw1yWbrI
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To Kanji… or NOT to Kanji? That is the Question.

I’m torn… I think the Kanji day wheel is pretty cool. But, I can’t read Kanji. Thus, I don’t know what day is the day. So do I set the wheel to Kanji… or do I set the wheel to English? What’s better…...
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HORUS Straps fitted rubber strap for MoonSwatch — YouTube Review

Check out my latest YouTube video highlighting and reviewing the fitted strap made by Horus Straps for the Omega x Swatch MoonSwatch. https://youtu.be...
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PocketWatchTime commented on Cartier: Would & Wouldn’t Wear ·

Yes — Roadster, Calibre, Calibre Diver

No — Everything else 😂

PocketWatchTime commented on To Kanji… or NOT to Kanji? That is the Question. ·

Yes I am. Stay tuned.

PocketWatchTime commented on Show your Doxa! 🥂 ·

Doxa Army LE ceramic

PocketWatchTime commented on Japanese Railway Pocket Watches by Seiko - a different kind of birth year watch ·

Very cool. I’d love to see the movement.

PocketWatchTime commented on To Kanji… or NOT to Kanji? That is the Question. ·

That’s good info. Good for me — Sunday on the watch in both Arabic and Kanji is red. So that’s the one day I don’t need to learn. 😁

PocketWatchTime commented on To Kanji… or NOT to Kanji? That is the Question. ·

I’m just such a slow learner. 😁

PocketWatchTime commented on Rolex Milgauss Opinions ·

Love the blue/green combo.

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Sinn U50 Professional inbound

8 Months & 1 week wait and it’s finally shipping. Do you think the wait was worth it? 😁
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Pocket Watch Cases — Gold vs Gold-Filled

https://youtu.be/kiSC2_ZEay4 Give the channel and this video some love please. Spent some solid time editing this latest video and would love to give...
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Let’s see your ORANGE hand(s)… 🍊 🍊🍊

I love orange 🍊 hands on a wristwatch. What watch(es) do you have with at least 1 orange hand. I’m hoping to see both modern and vintage pieces — I wa...
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Girard Perregaux / Bamford Laureato “Ghost” — Which bracelet / strap do you prefer?

Thinking about getting a new strap. What do you think looks best?
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16mm bronze buckle needed. HELP!

Need Help — Can anybody provide a link to a seller that makes a 16mm bronze watch buckle??? Looking for a buckle for my Tudor BB58 Bronze. Not sure wh...
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Christmas Tradition — Cookie Contest

I know it’s not exactly watch-related content, but it’s feel-good content… and who doesn’t need more feel-good content 😁 Annual tradition — cookie 🍪 d...
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State of the Collection 2022 — Wristwatch Edition

Yes, I have a YouTube channel called PocketWatchTime; however, I do collect wristwatches too. Don’t get me wrong… I love pocket watches. I made a Stat...
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