How tight is too tight??

As much as I thought I'd hate a tight watch strap, I actually love it!

I kept finding my wrist size was just in-between strap holes/bracelet links.

Then I found that any amount of wobble of a watch on my wrist just annoyed the heck out of me!

Now I have to get that strap as tight as I can.

Whats your preference and why?

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I added some photos to this poll, but they haven't appeared on the published poll and no matter how many times I edit and add them, they don't show! 馃槖


I say loose. It's a watch strap, not a tourniquet. 馃榾

I generally like mine fitting. Not constricting, but tight enough that the watch doesn鈥檛 move/moves very very slightly when I shake my arm.

In between the 2 photos you showed.


I prefer the term 鈥渟nug鈥. But I have been enjoying playing around with my defective presidential bracelet I got off Ali. (It has too many non-removable links)

Verging on snug but depending on my mood, I may make a micro adjustment or two.

In the absence of the perfect fit (uncommon), I will choose loose over tight; because I want my watch to feel comfortable even at the end of a long day, not something I can鈥檛 wait to tear off my wrist.

Loose. I work outside so I get hot and sweaty sometimes and freezing and drenched others, I like to have plenty of play in the bracelet.

Little loose.

Not too tight but I don't want it to move. I want to know where my dial is so when I look at the time I'm not trying to adjust my watch.