G Shock GMA-S2100 braclet mod.

I bought this watch on a impulse when I saw it on a department store sale shelf for 25% off. I tried giving it to my wife but she prefers her smart watches. I wore it off and on and never really liked the plastic strap.

I finally got a around to purchasing a GA-2100 plastic bracelet. I had to shave down the sides half a mill on each side but I think the results turned out great. It's still super light weight and way more comfortable. Taking it off and on during the day is easier and with the slim size I don't have issues putting on jackets.


Great watch and bracelets are a lot more practical, for me too...

But I prefer metal and I did recently buy a fine 20mm wide titanium bracelet for just 162 sek or 14 euro at eBay!

It was not written titanium anywhere, but the weight (and quality) was right...


That’s the steel and satin combo?