Sweat-it-out Sunday

Fighting the Sunday scaries with my Garmin Forerunner 645. How do we feel about “fitness watches” counting as “watches?” Do they count as part of a “collection?” I rarely see them in #SOTC shots…


Fenix owner here. Technically it is a watch, but I have owned 5 fenixes which speaks to how disposable they are; similar to an apple watch. They are temporary. By all means, they do a better job at time and functions than traditional watches. 

For me, I keep mine in a junk drawer with batteries, flashlights, etc and pull it out for my runs or races. It has never seen a watch box, nor have I been mechanically sympathetic to it. There is something great and also charming about that. No other watch in my collection has suffered a Killington Beast run so in many ways it shares amazing memories, but if something comes along with better accuracy and more features, I move on.