Favorite watchmaking channels?

Next to shoe shining, there are few crafts with as much ASMR potential as watch making/ watch servicing. Sitting down on a sunday morning while the house is still asleep, a steaming cup of coffee on the desk and a capable person on YT taking apart a nice watch: I find all of that very calming and invigorating at the same time.

As of right now, I'm following three channels: 

Nekkid Watchmaker: This guy goes at any lengths to restore even the most obscure watches, confronting the most exotic of issues with expertise, patience and a dry sense of humor.

Red Dead Restauration: One of the more well known watch repair channels. No talking, subtitles only, but no less humorous than Nekkid. Great pacing with moderate use of editing.

Wristwatch Revival: Even if you had no idea that this guy is a professional commentator (for "Magic: The Gathering" tournaments), his narration would make you think so anyway. Very well-spoken, albeit not a professional watchmaker. But that's part of the charm and makes watching his videos even more engaging.

Are there other watchmaking channels that I'm currently missing out on?


There are have a look at

Vintage Watch Services

Spencer Klein

Blair Watch Project

Omega Enthusiast

Amico Orologiaio ( This is all Italian but he goes to some cool watch fea markets) 


Nothing to add, other than thanks for sharing the background of Wristwatch Revival narration. That’s definitely my favorite channel. I‘m constantly learning new things from the little gems he drops.