GO SeaQ homage ✔️ New on-the-fly adjustable clasp ✔️ San Martin ✔️

While not at all opposed to homages, my interests have shifted lately. However, I thought that this new drop by San Martin (37mm case with 38mm bezel and a gorgeous beads-of-rice bracelet) should be brought to the crunchers' attention if you

  • Love Glashütte Original but don't have a wallet to match

  • Always wanted a San Martin with on-the-fly micro adjustment

I'm intrigued, to say the least, since I don't own a dive watch, yet. Yes, those people exist. 😅

Pics taken from: Escape Wheel Watch Reviews


I am not seeing the Glashutte in this watch but...it looks like a nice design. Now, if it has the feel of a Glashutte, meaning weight and bracelet I think there is certainly a place for it in some collections. I have been picking up a few micro pieces lately and I think they are doing such a better job (quality feel) then even the Lower Seiko's. I actually sent a watch back (Seiko) it felt so cheap and the bracelet was 'so rattly' not sure that is a word.. anyway I never send things back but I wanted to replace my older Seiko diver that I gave to my brother and this new one really was a bad example..Just my opoinion and thoughts...