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Restoration of a Vintage Yema Sous Marine

Hi everyone, In this new episode I try to restore this vintage French diver watch. I love the patina on the hand and dial. I flet in love with the mat...
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kromozome ·

Jack Forster moves from Hodinkee to Watchbox

Surprised to see Jack Forster move from Hodinkee to Watchbox. Jack has been the public face of Hodinkee as the Editor in Chief and star of the Ask Hod...
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morganthedruid ·

Any ideas for great NON watch related YouTube channels

Recently I've been spending a lot of my time watching youtube channels in a Welsh terraced house and I think I've hit a brick wall trying to find new...
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WatchYourIntruder ·

What is this all about? - Identity conversion on Youtube

Maybe a coincident but in just a week or so a bunch of Youtubers I like and watch has changed their identity. Bark & Jack changed his channel to A...
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dennisbible ·

Which youtuber do you want to have a beer with?

@thewatchzealot posted a good thread about which youtuber you trust. I want to know which youtuber you want to have a beer with.
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thewatchzealot ·

Watch YouTuber | Who do you trust?

Bark & Jack, Teddy Baldassarre, Federico Talks Watches - Who do feel is most trustworthy?
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MWC2020 ·

Being a Watch YouTuber PROS / CONS

Just before I start this post let me first say this! I’m just an ordinary dude that loves a time piece on his wrist! I’ve been into watches since I wa...
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budgetwatchreviews ·

Citizens Military Marvel

Currently my favourite watch in my modest collection.
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morganthedruid ·

Does anyone else use YouTube to solve all those fiddly problems with your car, around the house and with your watch collection?

The aircon fan in my Nissan died on me last week so I phoned the garage and got quoted £110 to replace my Blower Motor Resistor. Before booking the ca...
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playboyheafner ·

YouTube Reviewers

Some of these YouTube reviewers are laughable these days. The Time Teller puts out a video because he’s sponsored by Orient, cool nothing wrong with t...
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