Iconic Kickstarter watch?

The design of this watch actually stopped me in my tracks with its pivoting lugs that form to the wrist. I love unique design and dare I say, one day, this could be as iconic as the infamous Reverso?


VERY intriguing concept and one I can't believe it took us this long to consider.

I'd really want to put it or a dummy case/strap on the wrist first to see how it wears before committing to a backing. 

If the pivots are too center it could elevate the 12 & 6 positions off the wrist. 


Interesting concept. But I imagine it to be very awkward wearing once it is not exactly centered on your wrist. 


That DeBethune from a year or so ago had hinged lugs. I'm not so sure that it makes much since to have the hinge points so close together, as the back of the wrist does have a big flat spot to accommodate properly sized watches. 


Everyone focused on the stupid flippy face, not the cool hinged lugs.