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Vero Workhorse is a “beater” watch I need!

I just discovered the Vero Workhorse. I absolutely love the design. Their self-described beater watch would be a great watch for those days when you’r...
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Timex Marlin?

I bought this Timex at an estate sale. I thought maybe it is a Marlin but I don’t know. Do we have any Timex authorities on here? The numbers straddli...
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Anyone buy from Ricardo.ch?

Apparently this site is a watches only auction site based in Switzerland. I signed up for an account which unlocked a feature to translate the languag...
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JDinAZ commented on Vero Workhorse is a “beater” watch I need! ·

I wish it was mine…

JDinAZ commented on Vero Workhorse is a “beater” watch I need! ·

Yeah the Track Day is awesome!

JDinAZ commented on Seiko Alpinist, Orient Triton, or Seiko Presage? ·


JDinAZ commented on What vintage brands should I check out? ·

My Helbros gets the comments. 

JDinAZ commented on What is Your Favorite Unlikely Watch Brand? ·

Thanks, it’s one of my favorites. 

JDinAZ commented on What is Your Favorite Unlikely Watch Brand? ·

Armitron is my under-appreciated favorite 

JDinAZ commented on Whats Your Field Watch? ·

Bertucc DX3


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JDinAZ ·

Bertucci new movement

I ordered a new Miyota movement for my Bertucci this morning because the stem stopped engaging with the movement. Will I be able to remove the crown f...
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Quality Armitron Durasteel?

After wearing this watch a fair bit it’s apparent that this watch doesn’t get the respect it deserves. I’ve found it to be well made with a screw down...
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Working outside in the 100F heat today I took this picture of my tough Armitron Durasteel hangin’ in there. One minute after I took that picture the g...
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Iconic Kickstarter watch?

The design of this watch actually stopped me in my tracks with its pivoting lugs that form to the wrist. I love unique design and dare I say, one day,...
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JDinAZ ·

DW-5900 Fun Fact

Just found out that my 1990’s G-Shock (The Walter) is only programmed with a calendar through 12-31-2019. Guess I’ll be going through my days never kn...
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JDinAZ ·

Decade field watch purchase

Just picked this up from the bay. Not sure if it’s considered a fashion watch but with the no-name brand and quartz movement I think it qualifies. I l...
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JDinAZ ·

Rugged automatic field watch with alarm?

I’ve been thinking I would like to find a good durable automatic watch that I can actually wear while I am working outdoors. But I would like one with...
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