The Absurd Accuracy of My G-Shock G9000

I have rarely worn any of my digital watches since being sucked into the world of mechanical movements. I have had this Mudman since October 2021, and I think I may have reset the time in three instances since then. Most recently was about two weeks ago.

I was curious to check the accuracy today, so I compared it to NIST ( and it was SPOT ON. I would expect even a quartz movement to fbe +/- one or two seconds after a week, but this is amazing.

Anyone else out there have a run-of-the-mill quartz watch that has proved to be insanely accurate? I don't mean those dual quartz oscillators that compensate for temperature, or that beat at hundreds of thousands of VPH.

My Mudman said nothing in the description about being an above-average quartz movement, so it definitely came as a surprise. If they made this model in Tough Solar it would be perfect, and not even with Multi Band, 'cause this watch doesn't need it.

The real tanks if you ask me馃憤