Spb 153 running slow

My new Seiko is running really slow, losing a few minutes over three or four days. Messaged Seiko service centre but no reply yet. Can anyone tell me what it might cost to have it regulated if I pay myself? And maybe recommend a UK specialist to use? I don't have the tools or confidence to DIY it. Pretty disappointed, but the guarantee blurb gives no promises on accuracy; only a suggested range in ideal conditions. I know its not a certified chronometer, but would hope for plus or minus ten secs a day. Am I too optimistic? 馃


If it's under warranty force Seiko to do it. If it's not under warranty and that's your daily take to a watch maker. I have like 30 watches so personally couple of minutes would not bother me since I don't use the same watch more than couple of days. I would wait until it gets worse then spend the money to service the watch to make it worth while.

If you bought it from a Seiko AD recently, just take it to them directly and ask if you could get it regulated under warranty. Some watch shops may have a small service room behind to take a quick look.

If the watch is brand new, I would wait a month or so. Just wear the watch and use it to let the movement break in and settle. Then you can take it to a watchmaker who is into servicing movements and they could regulate it for you in a few minutes. Won't cost you any more than $25-40.


This is the accuracy. Pretty dismal but beat error looks ok?

I owned a secondhand spb 153 previously, sold that to fund another watch; but missed it so much I bought this one new to replace it. Disappointing for a 拢1k watch, but will be an easy fix.

Popped her off to seiko maidenhead, they could not have been more helpful.

Its not back yet, but should be a simple regulate job.

It was running ok, just slow.

Presume you have it back now. I imagine they probably just replaced the movement鈥 anyway hope it鈥檚 running well.

Yes got it back within a couple of weeks. Keeping much better time. The receipt said service, no mention of replacing the movement.