A blue CasiOak for the end of the summer

Quite classical story. Was looking for a good and affordable GADA watch to make some gardening and stuffs in the house, but everytime I was about to stop my choice on one, I was thinking like "nah, I'm gonna scratch it, break it, and it will break my heart and make me so angry". The Casioak was appealing me more and more with the time, and I like the idea of a solar Watch. So, here it is ! 

For me it's a perfect tool watch, I love how it is wearable in a more casual occasion and it doesn't looks so big on my little wrist (16,5cm)


I find the GA-B2100 and it's brothers and sisters to be a very comfortable watch. It's light on my wrist but doesn't feel cheap.  I've worn mine quite a bit this summer, even while diving in Hawaii.


I agree, they are very comfortable and sits well on the wrist.