If You Get, You Get It...

It's a couple of years old, but I think this video is still the benchmark for a humorous (and rather insightful) look at the idiosyncrasies and odd behavior we watch enthusiasts exhibit. It's so clever and relatable, I always feel compelled to share it with friends and family so they could perhaps begin to understand my relationship with watch collecting a bit better, haha. But alas, I think this only really hits home for watch nerds. And that's ok.

I, for one, would also love to see a second installment from @AndrewMorgan

Thank you! If we can鈥檛 laugh at ourselves than what can we do 馃槄

The Woman in the Red Dress (from The Matrix) analogy...spot on.

All true, all enjoyable--but it was the bit about door frames that finally got me to laughing out loud! @GullibleAndroid, just noticed the "DeKalb, IL" in your bio. I grew up in Wheaton, making drives every couple of months out to Sycamore to visit relatives. Great memories of that little slice of the Midwest.