Why am I even looking at this kind of watch?!

I recently stumbled upon the G-Shock GPR-B1000 Series (which is discontinued) and for some reason it has caught my eye. I am not a G-Shock peep, but I wouldn't mind adding one to the collection.

Anyone on here have one or had experience with one - is worth it?

"I am not a G-Shock peep."

You are now 馃槀

It鈥檚 a true beast of a watch! I remember being interested about it when it first come out ! It was G-shock鈥檚 most hi-tech & expensive watch at the time

It's just as ostentatious in person as you think! Way lighter than it looks, it's a super cool watch. I think it's worth it, especially if the functions on it are something you use all the time. Not sure how granular measurents (temp, gps, etc) on that one are, the casios with various sensors I have are good enough for me even though not Exact. If you don't want to go down the G Shock route, Casio pro trek line has a lot of the same features you'll find in fancier g shocks. I have a pretty cool pro trek, but it's just not g shocky enough sometimes.

You鈥檙e looking at Greatness