Adding some photos.

Adding a few to my photo library.  The Wise AD9 is 904L SS and it’s a real beauty.  The rest are just part of my grab bag.  None of these are on the original band/bracele, I’m always changing things up.  Like getting a new watch without the cost.


Cool grouping of watches.  I have 2 of these too (Tudor and Speedy) and am looking at a Wise watch now (but can't quite pull the trigger/ hate to order from so far away without the ability to see it in person).  For your BB GMT, what non-original strap is in the pic (did you buy the Tudor strap or get something else)?


First Wise, I have two pieces, both are great, check the reviews on YouTube.  They will take returns and have been nothing but responsive online.  I would have no hesitation buying another from them.


I try and buy everything with a bracelet as I did this.  This is a high quality after market “Tudor style” nato.  You can’t tell it from the Tudor OEM at a fraction of the price.  Tudor OEM are hundreds of dollars.  This was bought at a high end shop that didn’t have Tudor for ~$40 (in France).