Two new additions and the little collection so far…

So on the hunt for a solid quartz that I could wear while drumming I landed on this Hamilton khaki field king on Chrono24 for a reasonable price. They are a discontinued model so the hunt took a little bit to find one that had all the original papers and stuff.  

And i also got an Islander DPA green watch that I really liked the first time I saw it long ago! This is only the second mechanical watch I’ve gotten, and although it’s a little hard to read I really like the layout of the dial. 

I’ll be switching out both straps at some point to find ones that really feel like they make the watch pop. But I will say the strap that came with the Islander is very comfortable out the gate. 

And lastly just sharing my little collection in total so far. As much as I covet other watches I think I will be wary of getting too many more as I’d rather have just enough options to switch around but not so many that a bunch of watches just lay there :) At least that’s what I tell myself! 


Sounds like you're enjoying the watches you currently have in your collection. To me, that's the point of this hobby. Very inspiring...