NYC travels continue with a purchase! Seiko chrono!

Went to a great little family run watch shop in midtown Manhattan today, Joseph Edwards - they have a nice varied collection of watches in small store.

     I saw this chrono and decided to go for it. One of the owners, a guy named Morris (I think?) was super cool in talking me through all the Seiko options and answering my zillions of questions. A bit more money than I would have liked to pay but since this is solar quartz i can wear this while drumming for more casual gigs :) 


Congratulations! Those Speedtimers are awesome! 


Great choice. I got mine in the Summer and love it. 


Got a Jubilee strap for it from Strapcode. 


Congrats! Is this Seiko solar powered? I didn’t know that! So, one more for my wish list!