Great Customer service from Zelos

Wanted to share my great experience with Zelos as a company.

I had at one point 3 Zelos pieces, all purchased from Ebay

1 ex-display piece in the Abyss 3 & I ended up with 2 Swordfish, 1 in steel & the other TI due to me bidding on them both at the same time & winning both....duh.

However when I received the TI it had a piece of missing lume in the bezel.


I sent a mail to Zelos and without question they sent me a replacement part free of charge & even paid the post from Singapore to the UK.

They didn't have to do this, I was very pleased with this service & would recommend them to anyone馃憤

You don't get that with Rolex lol. They are excellent with their customer service. I'm a loyal customer.

Wow that super nice!! Awesome! Glad that they have great customer service!! 馃嵒

Glad to hear!

Elshan does a great job taking care of his customers. It鈥檚 one of the reasons I recommend Zelos to others.

Nice to hear positive story's of great customer service. I find that some of the microbrands are phenomenal at it. Not all obviously as you all know some awful brands .

But the guys out of Singapore and America and New Zealand seem very customer focused.

Agree, I have two Zelos (Spearfish and Spearfish GMT) and their customer service was top notch both times.