SOTC 2022

My collection as of today.

The top four watches were bought more than 10 years ago and the five on the bottom in 2022 after a ten years break of watch collecting.

  • Seiko SRP025 with a 4R15 and a touch of blue
  • Vostok-Europe Gaz-14 Limousine with the 2426 from Vostok (before they go Japanese with Seiko movements) and the internal bezel for dualtime 
  • Stowa Classic Flieger Logo Date with an ETA 2824-2. I think that's my most worn watch of them all.
  • Polar m400: Always with me when I was running, etc.
  • Lip circa 1970 with a Durowe 7425 in need of a restoration 
  • Universal Genève circa 1965 with the UG1106. also in need of a service 
  • A watch I built based on an unitas 6497 clone and some parts from the web 
  • The newly acquired Spinnaker Hull California Volcanic Black 
  • Casioak ga-b2100: my go-to watch for any outdoor activities.

Some might leave the collection this year, the Seiko, the VE and the two vintages (after I do the restoration) in order to give room to a Longines Legend Diver if everything goes according to plan 🙂