I have a Vostok Scuba dude, I would like to get a milanese strap for it. There is one I like from Vostok itself. But, the postage is virtually the same as the price of the strap at about 拢16馃槺

I don't know what the closure mechanism is called, its two radiused arms that lock together.聽

So, I'm looking on Ebay / Amazon, its a minefield. As its a Vostok, I'm not going buy an expensive one. Must admit to being quite shocked at the price of the German ones.聽

Anyone tried a cheapie from the aforementioned sites?聽


Try a Berny, that's the companies name. They're on amazon just checked 22.99 a bit thicker than the really cheap ones and the clasp has what looks like a locking bar on it. The really cheap ones are a bit thin and a bit of heft will go nice with your vostok diver.

Thanks, I'll check it out.聽

I have a Staib matte mesh that I bought for my Sinn -it is 聽a bit expensive (much cheaper than OEM stuff though) and I get that it might not seem worth it for the Vostok but it is very very nice and well built. I genuinely like it more than the Omega ones they鈥檙e using on some Seamasters.聽

I guess because it鈥檚 brushed and has all the little fine links -it still looks brand new (aside from the clasp, which is very high quality too) and I鈥檒l be using it for different watches for decades to come, I鈥檓 sure.聽


Eache on amazon, has a folding clasp, well worth the ~20$/鈧

Don鈥檛 buy on etsy btw, have crap experience in terms of quality there

Plenty of options out there that don鈥檛 send money to Russians 馃槈 and are likely better quality than an OEM Vostok bracelet

Came home with three watches that my Dad had. Nothing special, a Sekonda, Lorus and automatic Caravelle. The Caravelle has a Spiedel bracelet, for want of a better word the stretchy type. It is now on my Vostok Amphibia. Looks reasonable and has the emotional attachment. 馃槉