Find myself wanting another watch. 馃槷

Baltany 1926,   (Rolex homage)don't want to pay for a Miyota 9015 movement, might pay for a Seagull ST1700 movement, or go cheap and get a quartz.

Considering a Steeldive (Seiko homage) which has a Seiko 6105movement.

Also a Heimmdallr, (homage Seiko Tuna), which has a NH35 movement.

Any owners care to share their thoughts on the above three watches?

Seems that I like the look of older style watches, recently bought a Seagull 1963 and a Vostok Amphibia.

Update, I'm also watching a Sturmanskie aviators watch, before it became known as the Gagarin watch. Circa 1960 /69.

Their all good watches. Good specs at a good price. If you like them go for it.

Enjoy the watch!


I might be wrong, but I think the seagull is a little noisy compared to the nh35. Maybe someone can confirm? (Looks great with a display case back though!)

I have a Seagull 1963, it is noisy compared to my Vostok Amphibia.聽

Watching YouTube, despite loving the looks of the Tuna homage, seeing it on other people's wrists, it looks like an old fashioned alarm clock.聽


Just ordered this, even though it is ridiculously large.聽

Bidding on Ebay for a Baltany 1926 Miyota mother of pearl, now hoping I don't win it. Why you ask? The Rolex it is a homage of, has a sub dial second hand, the Miyota movement does not.

The Seagull movement version does, also I've found one with ( important to me) the mother of pearl dial.

Watch this space! Bidding finishes in just under 24 hours.