6 Months later with love of my Seamaster 300M

Let’s start with why I bought this watch.

To be honest, my favourite diver is probably a vintage submariner (drilled lugs, aluminium bezel etc). Though everyone knows the Submariner and for me it doesn’t feel nice to ‘flex’ with a watch. I know I shouldn’t care what other people think but honestly I am not really at that point with Rolex yet.

Because of that and the first story I posted here about my Speedmaster I really got into Omega. They make great watches with historical value that’s not so recognized by people who aren’t really into watches. As I am also interested in vintage watches this Seamaster grew on me, they reintroduced the waved dial, it has the iconic He escape valve and bracelet. In my opinion this watch is a small nod to the first 300M watches. Not to forget the incredible cal8800 in this watch. So the longer I thought about it the more it grew on me as I was looking for a simple black diver watch. So last year I decided to pull the trigger.

Now 6 months later. The watch got boring for me after about a week… I thought to myself how is this possible I loved it so much what has happened. So I decided to wear my Speedmaster for one day, then something in my head clicked. I felt an urge to put on the Seamaster again. I put it on, started taking pics and just loving the absolute hell about everything. The dial works great in the sun, the bracelet is really comfortable. It almost felt like I respected it more. Now that I have it for 6 months that feeling is still the same, I catch myself looking at my wrist and forgetting to check the time because I get lost in the dial and these skeleton sword hands.

Basically, this is the most weird experience I’ve ever had with a watch. Almost felt dissapointed at first but I’ve learnt to love the achievements I make instead of loving to just own something.

Happy valentine’s day, and by the way, this picture is the first picture I took with the watch.♥️