Daughters watch.

My daughter is starting collage!  With a part time job and now school I wanted her to have another tool other then her phone to stay on time. And of course open her up to the hobby 😄  but as long as the watch helps her stay on time then the tool works. Went with the Orient RA-KB0004A10B. Simple quartz watch with a beautiful dial and cool day/night complication. What watches would you give your child/student?  Yall be safe. 


Very interesting watch!

My kid has ADHD and with that comes forgetfulness. He's lost 2 watches we gave him to attempt to keep him focused at school. He hand-picked one out of my collection (simple quartz 3-hander) that as far as I'm aware of at the moment, is still with us. 

So, for me at least, if he chooses one, he's more likely to hang on to it. 

I show him interesting pieces & articles, more to tell him this is what I'm interested in than trying to create another WIS. IF it happens, it happens; but I'm not pushing it. 


That’s a beautiful watch. I love nearly everything about it.

I bought watches for each of my college student kids in the past year and a half. They both needed and wanted them for work: a Timex Weekender Chronograph for his work as a first responder, and a very small Swatch for a small wrist and for her job at a remote area camp where cell phone wasn’t going to be carried around. My son liked the Timex enough that he later bought a Casio Casio F-91W for the job to keep the other one for dressier situations.

Weekender Chronograph Gift Set | Timex
Swatch Casual Blue Ladies Watch (LK396) MultiColour | WatchShop.com™

I'm a big orient fan so I think that is a very strong choice.

My son is seventeen next month and I'm after buying him a watch but he seems only yo like digital watches so it will likely be a casio. I posted on this a few weeks ago and got tons of suggestions so worth taking a look there?


My son lol if full grown man now very opposite of me he hates wearing watches or any kind of jewelry. Gets me mad he doesn't even wants to wear a dam belt most times. Not many new Generation Z are into watches. Oops I take it back there very few and mostly I see the most are smart watches. 


What a great find for her. Good looking watch with cool complication that works for even the non-ethusiast. Nice job👍


Good starter watch. My 13 year-old daughter is quite deep down the rabbit hole. I started her off with a Seiko SKX013. She also has the Seiko Tank, a Hamilton Ventura and various other sundry watches that relatives have given her.