Pocket watch

I got this at a boot sale, it was ridiculously cheap. It was made in Canada, missing the loop to attach to a chain.


I think the proper term for the chain loop is a bow.  I'd recommend rigging something up there (cut up an old key chain?) as the point of the chain is to prevent catastrophic dropping.

It certainly says "Made in Canada" in fine print at the bottom of the dial. I haven't heard of the Zobo model. I think there's a way to date these if you look it up though. My general understanding is that Westclox was a Timex of pocket watches, mass producing very affordable non-jeweled, maybe pin-lever, movements that  aren't really serviceable. 

I think I have an older Westclox that is a non-runner, so you're better off than I. I love the no-nonsense of the later dollar pocket watches, as they're devoid of the poncy Victorian frippery.