All the wristwatches I used to own

I thought I would catalogue, for myself and you, all the wristwatches I once owned and that I no longer own or can find. All of these are Quartz watches. I got all these watches before my first automatic.

My first wristwatch was a very cheap no name watch with sports balls on the rubber strap. My grandmother bought it for me so that I could see what time she was going to pick me up from primary school. I don't quite remember what happened to it.

My second wristwatch watch I got was from the clock shop in dullstroom. It was a slap on watch that one day broke so I don't know where it is now.

My third wristwatch (I don't remember what I looked like) I got with a voucher I got for my birthday. It broke soon after I bought it so I took it back and and replaced it with my fourth wristwatch.

My fourth wristwatch was a casio digital watch (LW-200-2AVDF from what I found online). I really liked this watch but the strap got chewed up by my puppy. Later I was taking it apart in class, my teacher took it, threw it outside and when I went to go get it it was gone. 


My fifth wristwatch I got for my birthday it was a casio analog and digital watch(AW-90H-9EVDF). I don't where this watch went, it is by far the watch I have the most nostalgia for and I wish I could get it back. 



Tough times with tough life lessons best you can do from this point on have a few beaters and keep the bests at home wear them on occasion or rotations. I once had and lost a few good watches I just replace them with something better and unique and move on time does not care or waits.