Heading to a fundraiser

We are heading to an alumni fund raising event and my wife is wearing her vintage hand-winding Glycine and I decided on my year of the dragon San Martin.


That glycine is insane. Dig the bezel on the macroscopic GMT as well.

Can鈥檛 you just ask Farve? Just kidding. Too soon?

The watches are amazing. I don鈥檛 say this often (if at all), but that鈥檚 a nice #sanmartin

Love that San Martin.

That san amrtin case looks exactly like my lorier

Wow, you got one! I was looking at these the other day and literally made a post about them because I was pretty impressed. What do you think?

Mine SM year of the dragon arrives today,馃槈

There it is, my year of the dragon 馃悏


How the hell were those tiny ass watches ever even serviced?鈥